Aphasia is a communication impairment commonly caused by brain damage from stroke. It may affect the ability to speak, read and write or understand what people are saying. For example, some people may have difficulty finding words, making it hard for them to speak in sentences; others may have difficulty understanding what has been said to them. This is a result of damage to parts of the brain during a stroke or after a head injury.

How we can help people with aphasia:

  • It is important to remember that intelligence has not been lost
  • Understand that the person may need time to express themselves.
  • Keep sentences simple if you know someone has difficulty understanding.
  • If it’s hard for someone to get their words out, don’t ask more than one question at a time.
  • Allow the person to speak for themselves. Making comments, completing sentences or interrupting the person can be very frustrating and makes it harder for the person to finish their sentence.
  • If necessary use aids for communication, the simplest of these is a pen and paper.

At Stroke North, a number of our members have aphasia. This is a club for everyone, and members with aphasia are involved in all the activities we have on offer.

Additional help may be obtained at: www.aphasiahelp.org