Who we are

Welcome to Stroke North – an award winning Stoke Support Group.

Established in 2005 to share experiences of living life after a stroke.  The group provides support, encouragement and opportunities for stroke survivors and their carers/families  to continue their recovery through regular sociable meetings and a varied programme that includes:

  • Social activities
  • Conversation
  • Games and quizzes
  • Entertainment
  • Seated exercise under the guidance of an instructor
  • Learning
  • Outings
  • Fun!

We work very closely with Northumbria Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust to ensure patients and carers admitted with a diagnosis of stroke are aware of how we can help in their recovery after discharge from hospital.

Stroke North is a voluntary organisation, set up to help stroke survivors, carers and family members adjust to life after stroke. We have been judged Outstanding in the Healthy Community Awards for several years now. The club is run entirely by stroke survivors, carers and volunteers.

We aim to

provide activities and support for stroke survivors

help stroke survivors and their families continue their recovery

raise awareness of stroke and the impact it may have on individuals/families.

celebrate achievements and milestones in the patient/carer recovery journey.

We meet regularly, from 13:30 to 3:45 pm on the second and fourth Friday each month, at the Howdon Community Centre, Denbigh Avenue, Howdon.

The Community Centre is wheelchair accessible throughout, with on-site parking at the rear of the building; this has easy access to all parts of the Centre.

Meetings are for all stroke survivors, their families and friends, to encourage them to become part of a caring community. Members can share experiences with others and learn about the things that have been helpful in their stroke journey and encourage them to realise there is life after a stroke. Support is available for people with a range of disabilities including communication difficulties and/or physical difficulties.

Taxi Service

A subsidised taxi service is available for anyone needing help with travel to the meetings and ensures all members can participate in the activities.

For further information or to arrange a taxi,  contact Jill on 07802 437007.

Please leave your name and contact number.